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Million Dollar Habit

Fitness Templates Expansion Pack

Fitness Templates Expansion Pack

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This planner expansion pack is perfectly fitted for any of the Life Flow or Inspire planners, however, you will be able to import these pages into any other planner with no issues.


• 30 PNG templates for white paper planners
• 30 PNG templates for black paper planners
• instructions for beginners on how to import


1. Before and after
2. Biking log
3. Calorie tracker
4. Challenge calendar
5. Wellness check-in
6. Daily rituals
7. Daily wellness
8. Grocery list
9. Intermittent fasting log
10. Long term goals
11. Macro tracker
12. Meal planner
13. Milestones
14. Monthly goals
15. Monthly habits
16. My why
17. No sugar challenge
18. Progress tracker
19. Running log
20. Step tracker
21. Training plan
22. Training progress
23. Vitamin tracker
24. Water challenge
25. Weekly wellness
26. Weight tracker
27. Workout ideas
28. Workout planner
29. Workout tracker
30. Yearly mood tracker

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