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2024 Digital Planner Bundle

2024 Digital Planner Bundle

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2024 Digital Life Planner (Mode)
2024 Digital Life Planner (Orientation)

Discover a handpicked collection of fonts, stickers, and a versatile digital planner designed to make 2024 your most organized and stylish year yet!

Included in the Bundle:

  1. 2024 Digital Life Planner: Embrace efficiency and organization with the 2024 Digital Life Planner. Choose from four available variants to tailor your planning experience to your unique style and preferences.

  2. Casual - Handwriting Font: Infuse a personal touch into your digital notes with the charming Casual Handwriting Font. Effortlessly express yourself as you plan your days with this stylish and versatile font.

  3. Studious - Handwriting Font: Elevate your digital creations with the refined look of the Studious Handwriting Font. Perfect for capturing your thoughts and plans with a touch of sophistication.

  4. 2024 Mini Calendar Stickers: Stay on top of important dates with the functional and aesthetically pleasing 2024 Mini Calendar Stickers. They make scheduling a breeze and add a delightful element to your planner.

  5. Aesthetic Digital Stickers - Neutral Theme: Create a minimalist and elegant look with the Aesthetic Digital Stickers in a Neutral Theme. These stickers add a touch of sophistication to your digital planner, keeping your schedule organized in style.

  6. Aesthetic Digital Stickers - Pastel Theme: Infuse your planner with a soft and calming vibe using the Aesthetic Digital Stickers in a Pastel Theme. These stickers bring a gentle and pleasing aesthetic to your digital planning experience.

  7. Silly Cats - Digital Stickers: Add a playful and whimsical touch to your digital planner with the adorable Silly Cats Digital Stickers. These stickers bring joy and a sense of humor to your planning routine. Get ready to make planning fun!

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To import and use the planner you will need a digital device and a note taking app like GoodNotes.

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