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Million Dollar Habit

Creative Templates Expansion Pack

Creative Templates Expansion Pack

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Creative Digital Planner Templates for Goodnotes, OneNote, Xodo, Notability | Black and White Paper Planners Supported

Expand your digital planner with a fresh set of creative planner templates!

This planner expansion pack is perfectly fitted for any of the planners in the Habit Planner shop, however, you will be able to import these pages into any other planner with no issues.


• 23 PNG templates for white paper planners

• 23 PNG templates for black paper planners

• instructions for beginners on how to import


1. Mood trackers x 4
2. Positivity journal
3. Healthy meal plan
4. Things that make me happy
5. Not to-do list
6. Dream life goals
7. Glow up planner
8. Productive day
9. Weekly to-do list
10. Priority matrix
11. Household plan
12. Crafting
13. Products to try
14. Upcoming projects
15. Project breakdown
16. Gift ideas
17. Travel planner
18. Things to explore (mindmap)
19. Habit tracker
20. Quarterly goals

EASY TO IMPORT - Import to any PDF editor (Goodnotes, Notability, Acrobat, etc.)
INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Get it right away


How to Import to Goodnotes?

1. To insert a template, make a copy of a blank notes page that came with the planner (usually located in the back of the planner) and add the desired template to it as an image. The process is the same as if you were adding a digital sticker.
2. Resize the PNG template to fit the page.
3. Move the blank page (now with the template already imported) to your desired location in the planner. The tabs will still work unchanged.
4. Enjoy! :-)
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To import and use the planner you will need a digital device and a note taking app like GoodNotes.

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