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Million Dollar Habit

Inspire Planner 2.0

Inspire Planner 2.0

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⭐️ The Inspire Planner 2.0 ⭐️

What's new with 2.0:

1. The new version of the Inspire Planner is fully LAG FREE

2. New wellness section

3. Even more weekly and daily layouts

4. 2 New colorways you can choose from (royal, blush, & pastel)

5. Improved design & hyperlinked monthly calendars that take you to your weekly pages

6. 4 New types of paper added

7. Each month now includes a goal setting page, projects page, & action steps page that you can reference in all of the weekly layouts

This planner is designed to keep you motivated and inspired throughout your planning journey. No more switching planners, this is it! The Inspire Planner is minimally designed with the most writing space possible. Every page is carefully thought out and made to help you get - and stay organized for years to come. You can move the pages around and label the customizable sections to suit your needs perfectly.

There are 28 bonus templates included that will help you plan, set your yearly and monthly goals, get creative, and organize your wellness and finances. Everything in one place!


1. Digital planner with 3 color themes

2. Sunday + Monday start

3. A total of 6 versions of the planner

4. Sticker book

4. Color palettes PDF

5. Planning Framework PDF


1. Monthly calendar (Jan - Dec hyperlinked)

2. Templates:

• Yearly overview

• Important dates

• Monthly

• 9 Different weekly pages

• 3 Different daily pages

• Big goals

• Goal roadmap

• Yearly goals

• Monthly goals

• Weekly check-in

• Daily routine

• Monthly habits

• Milestone tracker

• Bucket list

• Weekly wellness

• Workout planner

• Wellness check in

• Meal planner

• Progress tracker

• Reading tracker

• Grocery list

• Monthly budget

• Expenses

• Savings tracker

3. Notes (Dotted, Blank, Lined, Grid, Cornell, Red line, 2 Column, To do list)

4. Integrated hyperlinked list section

5. Journal section

6. 8 color-coded blank sections that you can customize to suit your needs

7. Wellness section with 12 meal planners and 12 workout planners (1 for each month)

8. 6 covers to choose from

This digital planner can be used on any device. For iOS check out Goodnotes, and for Android and Windows check out Xodo.
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To import and use the planner you will need a digital device and a note taking app like GoodNotes.

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