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Language Learning Planner

Language Learning Planner

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This digital planner is an interactive language learning workbook that will help you reach your study goals and take your fluency to the next level. The Language Learning Planner will be your study partner whether you're learning English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, etc. It has all of the necessary templates needed to cover all aspects of your language learning journey: writing, grammar, vocabulary, study tracking & journaling along the way! This planner has 3 integrated notebooks for your language lessons or for taking notes and a built-in Goldlist Method section so that you can keep all of your resources in one place and on the go. The Language Learning Planner also comes with bonus stickers and sticky notes to make your study sessions fun and creative. The planner is fully hyperlinked so that it's easy to access any page and you can easily copy and paste pages for unlimited use.


1. Language Learning Planner PDF

2. 136 stickers (Individual PNG + Sticker Sheet)

3. Goodnotes version of the planner with cropped stickers inside


Trackers: Goals, My first 100, Progress, Habit tracker, Study tracker, Verbs, Vocabulary, Resources

Grammar: Conjugations, Checklist, Tenses, Rules, Pronouns, Modal verbs, Irregular verbs

Vocabulary: Alphabet, Pronunciation, Writing practice, Opposites, Synonyms, Common phrases, Prepositions, Photo vocabulary

3 Notebook sections (pink, blue, and green) with 14 hyperlinked dotted pages for notes

Goldlist Method section with a bronze, silver, and gold notebook with 5 lists each

Journal section with unlimited daily journal templates

Note papers: dotted, blank, grid, lined
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