How To Get Over The Mid-Week Motivation Slump

When Wednesday and Thursday roll around, and you’ve already skipped some of the tasks you were “supposed to do”, it may feel like the week is already done and there is nothing you can do to get back on track.

This week I’ll be sharing with you the top tips I use to get out of the mid-week slump, and get that boost of motivation needed to finish the week strong!

1. Reset your space

When my workspace gets messy and cluttered with random things, it gets really hard to focus and be productive. 

If this sounds like you, you should do a mid-week cleaning of your desk and home. A tidy space will inspire you to dive into your to do list without any obstacles.

2. Reorganize your weekly plan

We all tend to put too many things on our to do list which automatically sets us up for failure. Take a look at your weekly plan and recognize which items are your key tasks. Make sure to focus only on these tasks and remove or reschedule the rest for later, when you’ll be more energized.

3. Be kind to yourself

It’s very common to be harsh towards yourself whenever you’re not feeling your best. We should often be reminded that not every day is the same, and some days you will feel tired and unmotivated.

When a day like that rolls around, take notice of how you’re feeling and understand that your current capacity is full, and that you’re in charge of your to do list which can be saved for later.

4. Just get started

Find the easiest thing you can do, and just start there. The motivation you need will catch up with you and soon you’ll find yourself right back on track.

Make sure to take breaks and be mindful of your free time as well. If we don’t rest, we won’t have the energy to accomplish anything!


To help you get over the midweek slump, I have created a freebie that will give you that extra boost of motivation.

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