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Life Dashboard

All in one Notion productivity hub that allows you to capture your ideas, tasks, and life.



Spark Planner

The Spark Planner provides the perfect blend of functionality and inspiration to break the cycle of abandoned planners. It's the tool you need to plan with consistency, ignite your creativity, and achieve your goals!



OneNote Planner

This OneNote planner is designed to keep you motivated and inspired throughout your planning journey with all the bells and whistles a planner lover could want.


"I love that there is an actual planning system in place and not just a bunch of random planner pages."

- Allie J.
Digital marketing

Design your ideal life

Discover premium digital planners for any device.


"I've already organized my entire year in GoodNotes using this planner and I love how everything looks and helps me stick to my plans!"

- Sasha L.

  • What do I need to start digital planning?

    To get started, you will need a digital device (laptop, tablet, phone), a note taking app, and a planner.

  • Which note taking app is best?

    For iOS, we recommend GoodNotes. For Windows & Android check out Xodo or OneNote.

  • What is a digital planner?

    A digital planner is a digital file that mimics the use and feel of a traditional paper planner. To use a digital planner, you will have to import it into a note taking/annotation app.

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