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What do I need to start digital planning?

To get started, you will need a digital device (laptop, tablet, phone), a note taking app, and a planner.

Which note taking apps do you recommend?

For iOS, we recommend GoodNotes. For Windows & Android check out Xodo or OneNote. Please note that if you want to use OneNote, you have to purchase a planner made specifically for the app.

What is a digital planner?

A digital planner is a digital file that mimics the use and feel of a traditional paper planner. To use a digital planner, you will have to import it into a note taking/annotation app.


How do I import my planner into GoodNotes?

I can't click on any of the links?

To click on the hyperlinks in GoodNotes, you have to enter viewing mode by clicking on the pencil button in the top right corner of the app.

I can't select stickers with the lasso tool?

To use digital stickers, make sure to save them to your gallery as an image, instead of importing them as a document. If a GoodNotes file was provided, make sure to import it instead, because it already contains all of the cropped stickers inside.

I deleted a hyperlinked page and now the link is broken?

If you deleted a page and you want it back, you can either re-import the planner, or you can recover the page.

To recover your deleted documents/folders/pages:

From the Library view, tap the Gear icon at the top-right corner > Trash Bin.
Tap Select in the upper right.
Tap the items you want to recover.
Tap Recover to move the selected items back to the respective locations where they were deleted.
Tap Move to select a single location to move the selected items to.


Can I use the planner on my device?

The OneNote planners can be used on any device that support the OneNote app.

How do I import my planner into OneNote?

I imported the dark mode version of the planner but the pages seem blank?

The pages appear blank because dark mode is not turned on. You can read how to turn it on here.

I followed the steps in the PDF, but I still can't import the planner?

If you're still having trouble, please send an email to hello@milliondollarhabit.com and we will assist you.

How do I import if I have a business or school account?

Importing notebooks into business/university accounts is possible although there are a few more steps.

If you have 2 accounts (your personal account and your work account), you should be able to sign into OneNote with both accounts, allowing you to access your notebooks stored in the personal and school OneDrive at will. Then you can copy or move pages and sections from one account to the other.

1. Create a new notebook in your work account
2. Select & copy the planner sections in the personal account
3. In the destination, select the new empty notebook created in the work OneNote account
4. You have to copy/move each individual section

Are the OneNote planners hyperlinked?

The OneNote planners are organized into tabs and sections that you can easily access from anywhere in the planner.

How do I hide authors in OneNote?

To hide authors, you can follow this tutorial.

If you're on an iOS device, you can click on the cog in the top right corner to go into the settings and disable authors.


How do I download my order?

You will receive a download link in your inbox immediately after purchase. Most orders come with a Google Drive folder that you can save and access for any future updates to the planner.

What do I do if I purchased the wrong item?

If you purchased an item that's not compatible with your device, send an email to hello@milliondollarhabit.com

Do you offer refunds?

We don't offer refunds for digital items due to their intangible nature, however, feel free to contact us for an exchange.

Do you do custom orders?

Unfortunately, our custom orders are permanently closed. If you need help selecting an existing item please let us know.


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