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Planner Essentials Bundle

A collection of carefully curated planner essentials you need to get started with digital planning. Everything that you need & straight to the point.

Absolute planning essentials
Planner tutorials for all items
One time purchase + Access to all updates

$37 (Value $79+! )

Let's plan together! The Planner Essentials Bundle is right for you if:

1. You want to organize your life digitally

2. You want to find a planner you can stick to

3. You're not sure where to get started

4. You're looking for an all-in-1 solution

5. You want to have a place to turn to when you need help or need inspiration

What's inside?


The Planner

This planner is perfect for YOU if:
1. You want to get your life together but can't seem to stick to a planner
2. You want an all in 1 solution - no need to purchase multiple planners or tools in order to get organized
3. You're looking for a planner that has a sleek design and is completely LAG FREE


The Notebook

This digital notebook is made for organizing all aspects of your life. It includes 8 indexed clickable tabs that are unlabeled for your complete freedom.




The Templates

Expand your digital planner and notebook with a fresh set of creative planner templates!


Dark Mode Planner

A dark mode version of the planner for when you want to give your eyes a break.





There are tutorials for each of the items to help you get started in the digital world!


Digital Scrapbook

The Digital Sticker Book with 12 Monthly Themes makes decorating your digital planner easy and effortless.



Start Digital Planning

Choosing a digital planner can be hard and confusing, especially if you haven't been able to find your perfect planner in the past. This is why The Planner Essentials Club + Bundle was created - everything you need in one neatly organized place. All of the tools have matching designs and will look great in any digital planner app.


Don't take it from me, take it from the community!

"Everything I was looking for in a planner - minimalistic design, useful weekly layouts and amazing customer service. It feels great to finally be paper free!"

Amy Aguilar

2 APR 2021, 12:21

"I wasn't sure if digital planning would be for me, but I can confidently say I'm never going back! I'm not a very tech savvy person but the setup process was a breeze."

Elizabeth Cole

15 SEP 2020, 14:42

"Couldn't be happier with my purchase. I'm spending the weekend getting organized and getting my life back on track."

Mark Gomez

15 MAY 2021, 14:42

That's not all!

By joining you unlock extra bonuses that will help you plan and organize your life in style.

What do I need to start digital planning?

Planner & Notebook

A digital planner has clickable tabs and buttons that mimic the look and feel of an old school paper planner! Digital planners are made this way to make your transition from paper to digital as effortless as possible.

Planning app

To use a digital planner you will need to choose a digital planning app which will become the home for your planner. For iOS I recommend Goodnotes 5, and for Android I recommend Xodo.

Digital device

Digital planning is possible on almost any device: phone, laptop, computer & tablet. Tables are most popular because they simulate a paper planner. You can use a stylus or add text with a keyboard.

About me

Hi, I'm Neda!

I am the founder of Million Dollar Habit, a small business focused on creating stunning planners and templates to help you organize your life.