Spark your creativity.

The Spark Planner is an innovative digital planner designed to reignite your creativity and keep you motivated on your success journey.

Familiar feeling of frustration..

Planners: a love story that often fizzles out? Let's find a way to keep the spark alive!

  • Inconsistency

    You start planners with enthusiasm but struggle to maintain the habit, often abandoning them after a few weeks.

  • Information Overload

    You juggle multiple tools and formats for planning, leading to scattered information and difficulty finding what you need.

  • Lack of Inspiration

    Traditional planners can feel rigid and uninspiring, making it difficult to stay motivated and engaged with your goals.

Real life, real plans.

The Spark Planner provides the perfect blend of functionality and inspiration to break the cycle of abandoned planners. It's the tool you need to plan with consistency, ignite your creativity, and achieve your goals!

  • Ditch the planning yo-yo

    Spark Planner's flexible layouts and engaging features make planning enjoyable. It's not just a chore, it's a creative outlet that keeps you coming back.

  • Spark creativity

    Visually map out your dreams and goals, sparking excitement and helping you see the bigger picture.

  • No fluff, all the essentials

    Capture ideas, notes, to-dos, and goals in a single, streamlined digital format. No more scattered information across notebooks and apps!

Creativity and motivation

The Spark Planner revolutionizes your creative process by providing a dedicated space to nurture and expand your ideas.

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Spark your potential!

Spark Planner isn't just another digital planner - it's a transformative system designed to empower you to achieve your goals.

  • Define Your Vision

    Start by setting ambitious yearly goals. What do you want to achieve in the next twelve months? Spark Planner provides a space to clearly define your aspirations.

  • Break It Down

    Spark Planner helps you translate your yearly vision into actionable steps. Each month, you'll set specific, measurable goals aligned with your overarching aspirations. This laser focus helps you prioritize and stay on track.

  • Prioritize Wellbeing

    We all know achieving goals requires a holistic approach. Spark Planner goes beyond tasks by including a dedicated monthly wellness tracker.

Spark planning system

Here's how you'll plan the best year ever and reignite your creativity!

What's inside

Spark Planner isn't just a collection of pages, it's a carefully designed system to ignite your creativity and keep you on track. Here's a closer look at the essential pages that fuel your success:

  • Yearly goals

    A dedicated section to define your yearly goals.

  • Vision board magic

    Unleash your creativity with a visual representation of your goals.

  • Focus on wellness

    Spark Planner lets you track healthy habits you want to cultivate or break. Whether it's daily meditation, healthy eating, or regular exercise, monitor your progress and celebrate your victories.

  • Monthly overview

    Gain a clear view of your entire month with a spacious and customizable monthly calendar. Block out important dates, mark deadlines, and schedule appointments for a clear picture of your commitments + personalize your calendar with color coding!

  • Weekly planning

    Break down your monthly tasks into actionable to-dos, ensuring you stay focused and organized throughout the week.

  • Note-taking

    14 integrated notebooks with ample space allow you to capture ideas, notes, and reminders alongside your weekly tasks. No more forgetting brilliant ideas that pop up during your planning session.

  • Make it yours

    The Spark Planner comes with a variety of customization options to suit your unique style.

  • Bonus digital stickers

    You'll find amazing sticker kits inside that will make your planning experience fun and creative.

Get started in 5 minutes.

Getting organized has never been so easy. In just 3 steps your planner will be up and running.

  • Download a Digital Planning App

    Choose a note-taking app like Goodnotes or your favorite alternative.

  • Import Spark Planner

    Follow the simple instructions to import Spark Planner into your chosen app. It's quick and easy!

  • Unlock Your Bonuses

    Explore the bonus stickers and kits included with Spark Planner. Add a fun and personal touch to your planning!

Meet the creator

Hey there! I'm Neda, the founder of Million Dollar Habit.

My mission is to improve the lives of busy individuals, students, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

To date we've sold over 20,000 digital planner templates worldwide, and continue to empower you to design your ideal life!


What do I need to start planning?

You need a digital device and a note taking app like GoodNotes.

Is this planner hyperlinked?

This planner is fully interactive and you can get to any page in seconds.

When will I receive my order?

This is a digital purchase, your planner will be delivered instantly to your email address.

It's Time to Take Action!

Spark Planner is your shortcut to unlocking creativity, maximizing productivity, and achieving your dreams.