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Million Dollar Habit

Fitness Planner

Fitness Planner

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This Fitness Digital Planner is perfect for organizing your health and wellness goals. Digital planning will keep you on track and will provide the perfect place to set your goals and plan your mindset, goals, workouts, and meals.


1. Front Cover x4

2. Hyperlinked Index

3. Mindset Section:

☆ My Goals and Achievements
☆ Daily Gratitude
☆ Weekly Check-In
☆ Vision Board

4. Goal Setting Section

☆ Yearly Fitness Goals
☆ Future Me
☆ My Rituals
☆ My Health Goals

5. Tracking Section

☆ Weekly Before and After
☆ Monthly Check-In
☆ Weight Tracker
☆ Water Tracker
☆ Sleep Tracker

6. Food Section

☆ Grocery List
☆ Weekly Meal Planner
☆ Recipes

7. Fitness Sections

☆ Workout Plan
☆ Workout Log
☆ Weekly Wellness

8. 1 Unlabeled Tab

10. Notes (Lined, Grid, Dot, Blank)

11. Bonus Fitness Stickers
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Digital planning

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my order?

Your purchase will be delivered instantly to your email address.

What do I need to start using a digital planner?

To import and use the planner you will need a digital device and a note taking app like GoodNotes.

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