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Digital Bullet Journal

Digital Bullet Journal

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Create your dream bullet journal in GoodNotes! Designed for the modern planner enthusiast, this digital journal offers a seamless and customizable experience tailored to fit your unique needs.


Hyperlinked Index - Effortlessly navigate your planner with our hyperlinked index featuring 20 sections and 5 subsections each. Quickly jump to your desired section and stay organized with ease.

Apple and Google integration for iPad - Create apple calendar events and reminders without leaving your planner, and access the Google Calendar app seamlessly.

Versatile Layouts - Choose from 9 weekly layouts, daily layout, and monthly layout to match your planning style. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or a detailed schedule, we've got you covered.

Creative Templates - Enhance your bullet journaling with 11 creative templates. Track your books, shows, habits, and more in a visually appealing and organized manner.

The digital bullet journal allows you to fully customize your planning experience. Arrange sections and subsections to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Specifically designed for GoodNotes, our planner ensures smooth, intuitive use on your favorite digital note-taking app.

Perfect For:

- Students looking to organize their study schedules and assignments.
- Professionals needing a reliable and customizable planning tool.
- Creatives wanting to track their projects, habits, and inspirations in one place.
- Anyone seeking a structured yet flexible system to enhance productivity and mindfulness.

How to Use:

1. Download and Import - Instantly download the planner and import it into your GoodNotes app.
2. Navigate with Ease - Use the hyperlinked index to jump between sections and subsections effortlessly.
3. Install the apple/google shortcut (optional)
4. Customize - Personalize your journal with different weekly, daily, and monthly layouts. Add creative templates to track various aspects of your life.
5. Enjoy! - Experience the satisfaction of a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing digital bullet journal.

Instant Download Includes:

- Digital Bullet Journal PDF in 6 colors
- Decorative stickers
- Planner icons
- Planner covers
- Apple / Google integration shortcut

Transform your planning routine with our Digital Bullet Journal for GoodNotes and take the first step towards a more organized, productive, and creative life!

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To import and use the planner you will need a digital device and a note taking app like GoodNotes.

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